Cooptoday is specialised in consulting Brand building and Marketing – tailor made campaigns to suit any client of any size in: 

* Brand building
* Content marketing
* Creative concepts
* Social Media Management
* Strategic (online) communication

Coop today is experienced in helping small businesses, startups, fellow entrepreneurs and larger enterprises thrive in the marketplace. I have worked in a range of different industries from tech to fashion – all with successful results. I use my experience, training and creative thinking to assess and analyse brands and develop implementation strategies to thrust brands to the next level and beyond. Cooptoday offers a range of different services including Brand development creating exciting and compelling visions for your brands and developing plans across the full marketing mix. My passion lies in strategy creation, brand messaging and tone of voice creation. I operate on a clean and clear basis and have a frank and enjoyable approach to brand consultancy.

I operate on an hourly basis and consult within the Area of Rotterdam. Get in touch to let me know your needs and I will be able to estimate the length of consultation required.

Together we can make your brand soar. Please see my personal website for more information; or email to